Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


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  • For PC
  • In stock
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  1. Go to (or download the Battlenet client to gather all games in the same place and get updates installed automatically)
  2. Log in if you already have an account, otherwise you can create one for free and then log in
  4. Select ADD A GAME KEY
  5. Enter the game key and select REDEEM CODE
  6. Choose between PC and MAC for download of the games installation files
  7. Select which folder the instlalation files should be downloaded to
  8. Blizzard Downloader will download the files
  9. When the download is complete the installation will take place. If the installation don’t start automatically, enter the folder to which the installation files where downloaded and double click on the INSTALL file. During the installation yoiu need to enter the game key once more.
  10. Done – you can now start playing!